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General Terms and Conditions

Dear Guest!
Please note the following terms and conditions , which regulate the contractual relationship between you and us and clarify the mutual interest, and which you acknowledge with your booking. 

1.1    The contract is concluded when the draft contracts have been legally signed by both parties or as soon as the rooms, rooms or other services have been ordered and promised or, if a commitment is no longer possible due to lack of time, provided.

1.2    The service is provided only on the basis of the present Hotel-ABG, ABG of the customer are not recognized.

1.3   Sub-letting or re-letting to a third party requires the written consent of the hotel.

1.4    If a third party has ordered for a customer, he is liable to the hotel with the customer as joint debtor. The hotel may require a reasonable advance payment from the customer or the third party.

1.5   Group and tour operators must provide the exact list of participants up to three weeks before arrival.

1.6   If the content of the reservation confirmation differs from the content of the registration, the deviating content of the confirmation for the guest and for the hotel becomes binding if the guest does not exercise the offered right of withdrawal within 10 days after receipt of the confirmation.

1.7   The limitation period for all claims of the guest is 6 months and starts with the return of the rooms or event rooms.

2. Arrival and departure

2.1   Unless otherwise agreed, the check-in is not possible before 14.30 on the day of arrival. The room must be returned no later than 11.00 am on the day of departure. Thereafter, the hotel may charge 50% of the full price of the accommodation until 16.00, 100% from 16.00. The customer is free to prove that the hotel has suffered no or substantially less damage.

2.2   Reserved rooms that are not occupied by 6 pm on the day of arrival can be assigned elsewhere by the hotel. This does not apply if a later arrival was expressly agreed.

3. Services and prices

3.1   Agreed price and the services of the hotel result from the reservation confirmation. Unless the reservation has been confirmed, the valid hotel rates for this season apply. The prices include service charge and VAT.

3.2   The customer is obliged to pay the hotel's applicable or agreed prices for the services used. This also applies to services provided by the customer and delivery to third parties.

3.3   Deviating from the agreed prices and agreed services resulting from the contract between the customer and the hotel contract.

3.4   If the value added tax changes after conclusion of the contract, the agreed prices will change accordingly.

3.4   Exceeds the period between contract conclusion and event. Or. Room booking 4 months, and if the price generally charged by the hotel for such services increases, the hotel may raise the contractually agreed price appropriately, but not by more than 10%.

3.5   The prices may also be changed by the hotel if the customer subsequently requests changes to the booked rooms, the services of the hotel or duration of stay and the hotel agrees.

3.6   In the case of legally binding contracts with a limited term, the agreed prices and services only apply for the agreed term of the contract.

4. Payments

4.1   The hotel may charge a reasonable pre-payment for the reservation upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter. The amount of the advance payment and the payment date are agreed in writing in the contract.

4.2   If advance payments have not been made to the hotel account within two weeks of being requested, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The resignation must be communicated immediately.

4.3   If nothing else has been agreed in writing between the partners, the payment / final payment is made at the latest on departure.

4.4   If an agreement for the payment against invoice has been made, the customer has to settle the invoice issued to him within 12 days from the invoice or date without deduction.

4.4   In the event of late payment, the hotel is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 5% above the respective Bundesbank discount rate if the hotel does not prove a higher or the guest a low default.

4.5   A reminder of 5.00 € will be charged for each reminder after default.

4.6   Refund or reimbursement of unused services is not possible.

5. Cancellation, cancellation, cancellation by the customer.

5.1   A withdrawal from the contract must be communicated in writing and requires the written consent of the hotel.

5.2   If this is not the case, the guest is obliged, if he does not use contractual services, to pay the hotel the agreed consideration. This does not apply in cases of delayed performance of the hotel or any impossibility of providing services for which it is responsible.

5.3   If a right of withdrawal has been agreed in writing, the customer can withdraw until the agreed date, without triggering payment or compensation claims of the hotel. The right of withdrawal expires if the customer does not declare his resignation to the hotel by the agreed date.

5.4   For reservations for rooms / events by tour operators, travel agencies, the following cancellation -Umbestellungsfristen, which can be found in the terms and conditions for tour operators apply.

6. Resignation by the hotel

6.1   The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract for justifiable reasons, in particular if:
6.11            Do not receive requested advance payments in a timely manner, without forgoing any resulting default damage

6.12            force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make performance of the contract impossible

6.13            the hotel has reasonable cause to believe that it may jeopardize the use of the hotel services, namely the event provided by the hotel, the smooth running of the business, the security and / or the reputation of the hotel

6.14            Events are booked under misleading or false statement of material fact eg the organizer or purpose.

6.2   If a written agreement has been made with the customer about his right of withdrawal up to a certain date, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract until that date, provided that requests from other customers do not waive his right to withdraw.

6.3   In the case of justified cancellation by the hotel, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

7. Liability

7.1   The hotel is liable to the customer in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. However, his liability for the fault of legal representatives and vicarious agents is limited to the case of intent and gross negligence of these persons.

7.2   Liability is excluded if the items left in rooms or rooms remain unlocked. The guest has the opportunity to hand over valuables to the reception. Money can be deposited openly against receipt.

7.3   The organizer / orderer is fully liable for any loss or damage caused by employees, assistants or event participants, as well as for any loss or damage caused by himself.

7.4   Insofar as the hotel procures third-party services, technical and other equipment from third parties, it acts on behalf of and for the account of the guest. The guest exempts the hotel from all claims of third parties from the provision of these facilities.

7.5   The hotel is not liable for accidents in recreational programs of any kind, unless the hotel is grossly negligent or intentional.

7.6 Unsere Gutscheine behalten bis zum 30.09.23 ihre Gültigkeit.

8. Other

8.1   The animals may be brought after prior approval of the hotel. In rooms with food and beverage delivery animals are not allowed.

8.2   Wake-up calls will fulfill the hotel with the utmost care. Claims for damages due to incorrect fulfillment are excluded.

8.3   Information is given to the best of our conscience. Again, no claims for damages are excluded.

8.4   Lost property will only be forwarded on request. They are kept at the hotel for six months.

8.5   The hotel treats news, mail and consignments of guests with the utmost care. The storage, delivery and forwarding will be accepted for reimbursement of costs and upon express request. Liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded.

8.6   The hotel is not responsible for the services provided by the hotels they provide.

9. Final provisions

9.1   The correction of errors as well as printing and calculation errors remains reserved.

9.2   Divergent agreements or verbal collateral agreements must be in writing in order to be valid. They only become effective when confirmed in writing by the hotel. This also applies for the waiver of the written form requirement.

9.3   For disputes arising from this contract and its fulfillment, the jurisdiction of the court at the registered office of the hotel is agreed to the extent permitted by law.

9.4   The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract or these conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining agreements.