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Multifunctional space "pot"

Menüs für festliche Anlässe (from 15 Persons)

Menü 1

stuffed poulard breast on port wine sauce with grilled tomato,
herb mushrooms, green beans and potato cookies
Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream in a brittle coat and creambrocolli cream soup with almond cream
€ 35.50

 Menü 2

Framed soup of root parsley
Medallions of beef, pig and turkey with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce vegetable bouquet,
potato croquettes and fries Medaillons of beef, pig, turkey with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce
vegeable bouquet, potato croquettes and fries
Variations of Mousse au Chocolat
€ 37.50


 Menü 3

Fresh figs with Parma ham on a salad bouquet
Cucumber cream soups with smoked salmon strips and dill
Barbarie duck breast with honey-thyme sauce, snow peas and carrots in lime butter,
Duchess potatoes
Pineapple cubes with pistachios in a chocolate coating

€ 39.50


Menü 4

Potato pancakes with pickled salmon and prawns in cocktail sauce
Clear oxtail soup with cheese sticks and passion fruit sorbet
Whole ox loin lucullus
with Bearnaise sauce, mushroom heads, potato balls and French fries
Baked ice cream on two types of sauces
€ 43,50


 Menü 5

Melon balls with Bündnerfleisch
Creamy spinach soup with mushroom dumplings
Sorbet made from Riesling grapes
Steamed fillet of pikeperch in orange-curcuma sauce on vegetable strips, fried potatoes and colorful salad in yogurt dressing
Cream soot on mandarin compote
€ 49.50


Buffets for festive occasions (from 45 Persons)

Rustic buffet

Cold dishes

Homemade blood and liver sausage
Pork head jelly with tartar sauce
Grilled chicken legs with paprika dip
Matjes fillet housewives Art
Roasted pork loin with pickled vegetables
Colorful salad variations with dressings

Hunsrück potato soup

Hot meals
Roast pork crust in beer and caraway sauce,
Cauliflower florets and parsley potatoes
Sliced turkey breast in mushroom cream,
fine peas and butter rice

Fresh fruit salad,
Red fruit jelly with vanilla cream
Boppard wine cream

Price: € 39.50 per person


Rhineland buffet

Cold dishes
Herring fillet, housewife style
Roasted pink roast beef, saddle of domestic pork in a herb crust
Crispy fried chicken legs
Home-made sausage specialties
Farmer's pie from the pot, potato salad, coleslaw,
Carrot Salad, Spicy Beef Salad
Leaf salads with different dressings
Baked butter, bread and rolls

Hunsrück potato soup with bacon
Beef broth with marrow dumplings

Hot meals
Rhenish sauerbraten with apple red cabbage and potato dumplings
Düsseldorf mustard roast with bacon beans and mashed potatoes

Variations of Mousse au Chocolate
Semolina flammerie with fruit sauce
Boppard wine cream, ice cream dessert and pastries

Price: € 39.50 per person


Festive buffet

Masterpieces from the cold kitchen
Roses from smoked salmon game pie with cumberland sauce
Asparagus and ham rolls
Spicy smoked mackerel
Roast beef from the prime rib
Roasted pork loin in a thyme and honey crust
Artichoke bases with marinated shrimp
Home-pickled salmon, mildly smoked trout fillet with horseradish cream
Filled chicken breasts with mustard fruits

Tomato and mozzarella seasoned with a sophisticated herb dressing
Sweet and sour matjessalat, homemade potato salad
Zucchini salad with sheep cheese and oregano
Waldorf salad, beef salad with mustard dressing
Chicken Salad Hawaii
Seasonal raw and leaf salads with various dressings

Cream soup of fresh mushrooms with thyme
Chicken consommé with semolina dumplings

Warm specialties
Venison ragout with cranberries, red apple cabbage and spaetzle
Pork fillet nuts in green pepper sauce,
Seasonal vegetables and potato croquettes

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, Grand Manier fruit cocktail,
Tiramisu, caramel cream, chocolate mousse,
Cheese from both sides of the Rhine,
Butter and a wide selection of breads

Price: € 59.50 per person


Italian buffet

Antipasti from:
baked zucchini and eggplant,
Tomatoes with mozzarella on rocket,
stuffed tomatoes with sheep cheese and olives
Vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce)
Ham platter with melon
mixed leaf salads with tuna dressing
and herb yogurt dressing

Main courses
Saltimbocca alla romana (turkey escalope with ham and sage)
Patate Trifolate (baked potatoes with garlic and parsley),
Ratatouille vegetables,
Pikata Milanese (pork fillet in parmesan? Coat)
with tomato sauce and spaghetti
Ciabatta, olive bread, butter

Tiramisu, chocolate mousse, panna cotta

Price € 43.50 per person